Advanced Program - Premium Q Bank & Test Series (20 Months)



The most comprehensive tool for NEET PG Preparation.

There was a tremendous change in last year's NEET PG pattern.

  • The shift from one-liner --> Clinical Scenario-based questions.
  • Lengthy questions which most of the students were not used to.
  • More questions based on Decision Making rather than being objective.

While the scenario has changed, the resources for preparation haven't.

Most of them are just pouring old wine in new bottle and selling the same.

And.. You are stuck with older versions of Q bank with predominant questions framed for the OLDER pattern.

Students that succeed do two things very well:

  • First they identify the right and best resources for preparation
  • Second, they put 100% of their resources into learning them

This where Elixir comes in. 

We brought together - Practising Clinicians & Authors of PGMEE books.

.. To create a unique blend of questions with clinical touch framed for competitive exams.

And we combine this with byte sized micro learning to help you execute your learning.

Elixir is the first and only app to provide more weightage to the clinical case based scenario questions in Q Bank

But the important thing is...

...The earlier you start practising the right questions, higher the chance of getting your dream PG Seat. 

Change before it's too late.

Subscribe to Elixir Q bank and start practising the right Questions for the new pattern.

Here's what you get as part of Elixir Advanced (20 + 2 months - Till NEET Jan 2022)

  • Q Bank - Sorted Subject wise and Chapter wise - 22000+ MCQ's (Additional set will be added by Jan 2021)
  • Grand tests - 12 in number 
  • Subject wise tests + Grand tests (50+ Exams in Total) - Added by Jan 2021
  • Central Institute targeted Mock - 5 in number (Starting from Jan, post NEET)
  • Elixir Drops - Around 1000 High yield points (Will be uploaded over the course time with regular tests to revise them)
  • Elixir Images - Around 1000 HIgh yield images (Will be uploaded over the course time with regular tests to revise them)
  • 20+2 months is the ideal for final year students.

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