25000 Big !
Published on Nov. 26, 2020, 8:03 p.m.

#ranjithar #pathology #pathocubs

It's not an easy journey at all. But the passion pushes everything to the brim. ! With time crunch between the work at lab and personal commitments, the recordings, the recalls and the app - it's was a crazy time in the last few months. A big thank you to all students who had the belief and all the people who helped the app reach more !

It's a tiny milestone for me - And yes all for good. 25000 installs...! (Android and iOS)

Download the app and use it to stay focussed with daily deadline till your NEET. I shall do my best for that.

A big thank you for all students who helped us spread the word - if you can help us spread the word contact our team they have few exciting offers - https://bit.ly/39hp6pm - Whatsap us !