🎉 5000+ Medicos Attending Midwifery Series Live
Published on Aug. 15, 2020, 9:33 a.m.

Yes. You read the title right.

We have right now 5000+ students taking the Midwifery Series Live.

Here's a screenshot from our live exam admin dashboard

Thank you very much for the tremendous response.

This show that all your neural pathways can indeed be altered to push you into NEET PG Preparation.

And be happy that all the questions you are attending are coming from the latest NEET PG pattern of Clinical Questions. Not older versions of Q bank with predominant questions framed for the OLDER pattern.

You have done two things well now:

  1. You identified the right and best resources for NEET PG Preparation by joining Elixir Advanced Qbank & Test Series
  2. You are putting 100% of your resources into learning them

Bravo! Have a pat on your back.

By now you must've realized...

...that we walk the talk.

Elixir Advanced is not just a Qbank and Test Series.

It is an integrated program to help you crack NEET PG. 

It is designed to create neural pathways using the magic of brain plasticity.

Expect more such events to be coming!

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