Are you ready to Pledge with Elixir ?
Published on June 22, 2020, 9:17 a.m.

What makes a topper be on the top. The only answer to this consistency. ! 

Not the IQ, not the score in MBBS, but hard work and consistency. So how can i be consistent ? It takes time it doesn't happen in a day.  You will be successful when you do it repeatedly, and Elixir helps you achieve that. Let me say how. 
The concept of micro-learning and repeated stimulus is what makes Elixir unique. You will have daily tests which is going to urge you to write them. And it wont take much of your time as well.
It will take just 5 minutes, aren't you ready to spare 5 minutes a day of yours to be successful ?? Obviously you will be ! 

So today lets make a baby step towards it. Lets pledge today we will finish - 5 daily tests today. just 5.. There are 90+ daily tests. ! Today our target is just 5.. !

Are you ready to make the pledge ?
Are you ready to take the first step towards making a habit?
Are you ready to say with me "Yes" i will start the week with a huge positive note !! ??

If so comment yes below, commit yourself infront of 100's of people and go ahead and click on "Elixir Clinical Vignettes and solve 5 tests from June month" 
Let us see how many really want to be successful !