Dear Interns - We understand 🤗
Published on Aug. 15, 2020, 1:13 p.m.

As an intern posted in wards, it might be difficult to regularly take the tests every half an hour.

The variety of cases and the huge patient load will be a bottleneck in maintaining your streak.


As we said earlier, it is OK.

Try to see if you can open the mobile every 1 hr. And try to answer at least one test every 1 hr.

Once you complete the duty, try to take the missed tests in a single shot.

But when you start, you tell to yourself that you'll be taking only one test - ie 5 questions. If it looks interesting, then continue. Else repeat the same after some time.

For medicos posted in COVID duty, it might not be possible to participate in the event. 

However we've planned for another midwifery series in the future. Hopefully you can participate then.

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