⬆ Dr Dilip MMS Live Class Price Hike
Published on Sept. 10, 2020, 7:17 p.m.

Dear Doctors, 

Dr Dilips Medicine classes prices will be increased as follows. Dates regarding the price hike will be announced soon. 

Live classes version - Rs 5000 

Live Class and GT version - Rs 7000 

Reason for Hike

We need to set up our servers based on the number of students enrolled in the live classes. Any last minute registration will add huge expenses to our servers. Hence we have decided to have a cut off date for the current price. Any registration after the cut off date, we will be doubling the fees. 

If you are planning to get enrolled for the classes, please get it enrolled soon. 

Live Class version, Live Class + GT version

Thank you
Team Elixir