Elixir Rewind
Published on July 22, 2020, 11:52 p.m.

If you ask any NEET PG topper, most of them would say that the key thing that matters in NEET PG is revision.

No matter how much one studies in the initial months..

...it is the revision, number of revisions and amount of effort one puts in last few months of the preparation that really matters.

Toppers agree that around 2 to 3 revisions before NEET exam would be ideal.

But one problem which they all tell is the need for a structured plan for revision.

Like some subjects on some specific days...

Does it sound relatable? Read on..

Introducing Elixir Rewind

Elixir Rewind is a new monthly initiative. It brings structure to your revision forming the backbone of your NEET PG Preparation.

Every month end we will have a special Rewind exam which will consolidate the MCQs asked in that particular month.

Our AI bots will prepare the question bank using the data gathered by your attempts. Questions which majority got wrong will get featured. This will ensure that most of you get to revise the questions which you missed.

Important points to consider before taking Elixir Rewind

Give the test series by the same day it is released.

Don't wait till the end to complete all the subjects. We all do this mistake. As Winston churchill said, perfection is the perfect enemy of progress. Perfection is the alternate name for procrastination. Don't let the amygdala takeover!

Remember.. this is not rank deciding.

The goal of these is to highlight where you stand so far in your preparation

Once taken just focus on the mistakes. Rectify and correct it.

More importantly get the concepts right.

The more you take, the easier would be the end main attempt

The first rewind will commence on July 31st 2020. All the best!

PS: While others are busy creating tips and strategy Youtube videos for cracking NEET PG, we create initiatives to ensure you follow the same.