Happy Doctors Day !
Published on July 1, 2020, 7:09 p.m.

Dear Doctors,

We know that this is the time of the year where the positivity flows in tremendously and most of your friends must be sharing posts on Doctors' day. 
Being a doctor is not easy especially during the difficult times of COVID-19. We at Elixir, wanted to wish each and every health care worker for their relentless work during this critical times and wish everyone a Very Happy Doctors' Day. 

Problem solving skill is the main thing a doctor needs during his entire life time. And we have made sure every students who attempt the Elixir Q bank questions will develop the most important attribute to any doctor. !

We not only aim to provide facts needed for the exam - Many students felt that the Questions in Q bank were bit on the difficult side. The reason is to make it integrated with more than one subject is not to just train a student with already existing repeats and making you memorise it.!

Our vision is different -

  • Our aim is to make sure you attend the new 10% questions in the exams by developing the problem solving skill gradually ! 
  • Our aim is to make sure you integrate the subject and able to solve cases not just MCQ's
  • Our aim is to have an holistic approach towards medicine rather that just solving MCQs' 

So Next time when a friend of your asks, why are you preparing difficult questions  - Tell them "I am looking and aiming at the bigger picture with Elixir" ~ To become better version of myself :) 

Wish you all a Happy Doctors' day !
Team Elixir

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