Harrison Premier League - Limited Edition Package
Published on Aug. 22, 2020, 5:09 p.m.

Harrison Premier League has started.

Medicos who have purchased Elixir Advanced Qbank & Test Series have already attended the qualifiers first exam.

Here's a sample screenshot of our Admin Dashboard:

This captures a few of the hundreds of students who have completed the first attempt.


Many of you have been asking for a limited entry to participate in Harrison Premier League.

We hear you.

We have now created a special package for Harrison Premier League.

This will be available only for next two days. Because there is no use if you don't attend the qualifiers.

So if you were interested in participating in this season of Harrison Premier League, you can do so now!

Please note the rules of the event will continue to be so. 

This is not a Medicine Q bank - This is a competition. The validity will get over after the end.

Each and every one of you will get different Medicine MCQs to prevent copying and to make the competition fair.

Participate in Harrison Premier League for just Rs 999 now - Click here