How to approach Midwifery Series?
Published on Aug. 14, 2020, 9:30 p.m.

Tomorrow is the D-day!

2 days of continuous Obstetrics Questions.

5 questions for every half an hour.

It isn't that difficult.

More importantly...

Nobody is going to judge you.


You heard that right. Don't think of this as an assessment of your NEET PG preparation. Instead embrace it and think of this as a friend who is there to help you crack NEET PG.

That being said, here are certain things to help you make the journey smooth.

Sleep well

Tomorrow the first quiz will unlock at 7 AM. You've are going to beat the first rays of the sun with Obstetrics. So ensure you get a good night sleep.

Don't break the streak

Ensure you open the quiz as soon as it starts. 

Just 5 questions for every half an hour. Don't postpone starting. Even if you haven't prepared, it is OK. 

Your aim tomorrow would be to just click the push notification and and press the start button every half an hour and go with the flow.

Skipping is fine

It is OK to skip the question if you don't know. There is a reason for this. 

NEET PG is designed to test whether you can complete the exam within the stipulated time. 

So you need to choose your battle. Instead of fighting every problem, you save your time only for the things that you know 100%. This means solving the most important questions and letting go of the rest.

Revise the notes

Have a separate note for Midwifery Series.

Allot a page for each topic. Focus on which questions you got wrong and prepare notes from the explanations. Ensure you do this before the next quiz unlocks.

In case you aren't aware, students who take time to prepare their own notes shine well in NEET PG. The coaching institutes make money out of it by reselling it to you as Topper's Notes. It is a lie and is of no use.

Don't delegate hard work. Write your notes. Nothing beats in revising your own handwritten notes before NEET PG Exam.

All the best for your preparation!

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