🏏 MS Dhoni - Suresh Raina - Our Tribute
Published on Aug. 16, 2020, 11:21 p.m.

India's World Cup-winning captain and the iconic left-handed batsman both announced their retirements from international cricket today.

Both of them have something similar..

Dhoni did not have a great start to his international cricketing career. He got run out for a duck on debut.

The early years of Raina weren't so prolific, which led to his omission from the 2007 World Cup.


Their tenacity at worst of times is what enhanced their stature as one of India's finest cricketers.

This tenacity or quality or fact of being very determined is something which medicos like you can relate to, Isn't it?

Just Imagine..

Every match for them is another tiresome phase of competition, demanding fresh doses of energy, hard work and commitment.

Isn't it similar to what Medicos like you undergo during your MBBS life and NEET PG Preparation? Instead of match it is every subject.


The joy of completing a subject and celebrating little wins is what kicks our dopamine.

They say tributes are given to icons..


Because they give us hope. They inspire us to push ourselves more and come out successfully.

And what best way for us to give a befitting tribute to these iconic superstars who have entertained us all these years with their stellar performances.

Introducing Elixir T20 Harrison Premier League

We're proud to announce a new event dedicated to MS Dhoni & Suresh Raina - Harrison Premier League. It is part of our Elixir T20 Series.

So... What are the rules?


  • The first round will be Qualifiers.
  • The qualifiers will run for 4 days. Each day there will be 3 exams starting at 4 PM. Each exam will have just 20 questions. All the questions will be from the subject Medicine.
  • There will be an interval of 2 hrs between two exams.
  • 4 days - 3 exams per day - 20 questions per exam - All from Medicine

Semi Finals

  • The qualifiers will be followed by the Semi Finals.
  • To get access to semi finals, you've to attend all the exams in Qualifier Round.
  • Semi finals run for a single day. There will be 4 exams starting at 4 PM. Each exam will have just 20 questions. All the questions will be from the subject Medicine.
  • There will be an interval of 1.5 hrs between two exams.


  • The semi finals will be followed by a grand finale.
  • To get access to final exam, you should've got a minimum of 40% in each of the semi final exams.
  • The grand finale will have one exam with 20 questions.
  • Whoever scores the highest score in the grand finale will be announced as the winner of the series.

When will this be held?

This event will happen only for 6 days - 22 August 2020 to 27 August 2020.

What if I'm unable to attend this event?

Don't worry, we'll be running events like this regularly. You can participate later.

Who can participate in this event?

Participation is exclusive only for medicos who have purchased Elixir Advanced Q Bank & Test Series

Why should I attend this event?

To improve your Medicine NEET PG Preparation and move towards completing the syllabus

Where does this event happen?

This is an online event and happens in Elixir NEET PG iOS/Android App

How to join Elixir Advanced QBank & Test Series?

For 12 months validity - Click here

🈹 For 6 (+ 1 month free) months validity - Click here

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Who are the ideal candidates for this event?

Medicos targeting NEET 2021, interns who are taking a drop this year, final years who are targeting NEET 2022 can benefitted from this event. Most importantly... If you are targeting NEET 2022 and you are not sure where to start, participating in this event is the best thing to do.

Come.. Let's play this...

For the love of our iconic players - MS Dhoni & Suresh Raina

Team Elixir