Revision to Excel !
Published on Nov. 29, 2020, 2:35 p.m.

Dear students, 
Quite a few have messaged me saying i have joined late -  there are many pending tests - what do i do? From December 1 what is the plan. This is how it goes. 

From Dec 1  
🔥You will be having 1-1.30 hours of video daily. I want you to watch them completely.  (pre-recorded. Live class will cause more distraction for the time allotted hence going with recordings)
🔥Just think this one hour daily - you are going to learn without any pressure - There is no one to judge, there is no competition - you are just going to learn as fresh as a kid learning to walk.
🔥No Previous Baggage at all - You will learn fresh. 

Need not write notes - just understand the subject with me. If you need any tiny modifications do them in the existing copy of yours. If you are a newly joined person -  After watching the video - solve the tests in the revision 1 and 2 - 5-10 extra minutes on that topic.  If you are with me from first - Just close the app after the video and have your dinner. 

We will repeat this for every chapter - We will learn and understand more. At the end of every chapter we shall have a tiny test and with that it will be done. We will do it for every topic till the last.  Slow and Steady wins the race. 

Dec 1 is the start  - it will end when we finish the topic. ! After that we may have a mixed bag session based on the time availability. We will plan it later.  One step at a time.

This is the plan and lets rock it ! #pathocubs  -  Downlaod the app here to get access to the classes