Published on Feb 23, 2021
Target NEET !

Hello Students, I am sure you wondering what to do now? 

Variables in the exam

  • 200 questions - 3.30 hours - Likely to have more long stem questions
  • No subject weightage - likely all the one liners will be outdated now, hopefully you wont have any data/fact based questions. 

How shall we tackle this ? (Will be there for all revision series users) 

  • From today onwards we shall have more long stem questions in the Finishline - Daily tests 
  • Shall ask the faculties giving questions to integrate the questions more efficiently 
  • Time - 45 seconds per question (In your exam you will have one minute per question approx)

GT has to be changed from now again. The next 3 GT -  shall reset the questions and make it more lengthy. Hopefully it will help us more. Do not worry - The patterns will change slightly and you will have little hiccups in the preparation.  Do your routine preparation as usual.  We shall go ahead and try to better it with more questions.. 

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Best wishes
Dr. Ranjith AR